How to Avoid Viral Diseases

05121617None of us is immune from viral diseases, but that did not happen it is necessary to observe some rules, including hygiene.

British scientists have managed to prove that the carrier of different viruses, such as influenza, E. coli and others, is the man himself.

Despite the fact that we have from childhood are taught frequently wash their hands, especially before eating, not all adhere to this rule, especially for snacking when you can not wash your hands with soap and water, so most people use wet wipes, but as it turned out, they desired the effect is not given.

Among the subjects with the highest content of microbes and bacteria are the cash, because they are calculated in all areas, including urban markets and public toilets.

In addition to banknotes disease carrier may be a mobile phone, as well as the door handles, elevator buttons, not to mention public transport.

Therefore, if you want to avoid problems, before each meal do not forget to wash your hands and trained his children.

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