How to Avoid the Spring of Beriberi

He began to melt the snow, running streams, which means that the long-awaited spring has come, and most people have lifted the mood, because it will soon begin to come alive nature, and more often it will be possible to be outdoors.

One problem is the lack of spring period of vitamins in our body.

As much as we tried not to introduce to your diet fruits and vegetables purchased in supermarkets, they lack the nutrients, to fully replenish their deficit. In order to avoid vitamin deficiency, in this period of the year it is recommended to buy vitamins in pharmacies, which offer a wide range of them.

In addition, despite the high cost, daily enter into your diet a small amount of dried fruit, pre-filling them with hot water. It is stored in them the greatest number of nutrients as well, they are able to improve the digestion and metabolism.

Rosehip is one of the fruits that is rich in vitamin C, which not only improves the immune system, but also improves heart function. Do not forget about cranberries, from which you can prepare juice or jelly.

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