How to Avoid the Autumn Depression

130920164That ended in the summer, come and cool autumn days. At this time of year many people suffer the symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, drowsiness and a feeling of the need for privacy, all signs of autumn depression. According to the experts, such a malaise felt by people of different strata of the population.

The causes of this condition are reducing the amount of sunshine, whereby changes occur in the body hormones. In order to prevent the occurrence of depression, you must make the situation in their homes brighter colors.

For example, to lay a new colorful bed linens, decorate the room with flowers, and also set a vase with a variety of fruit, and you will notice how your mood will improve. In autumn there is an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits that saturate your body with essential vitamins and walking outdoors, regardless of weather conditions, raise vitality. Also, try not to overload your body and most of the work plan for the second half of the day.

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