How to Avoid Spring Depression

Some people occasionally there comes a time when you do not want to work, meet friends, there is a constant feeling of fatigue, which may indicate the occurrence of depression.

This is especially characteristic in early spring, because in the body there is a shortage of substances, in most cases vitamin.

Of course in order to avoid such a state, it is first necessary to balance your diet, add the dried fruit, walnuts, apples and honey. In addition, review your daily routine, in which sleep should not be less than eight hours a day, because that’s what time it is necessary to relax the nervous system and brain.
It is recommended to devote more time to his hobby, and if there is none, you can knit, embroider or other types of needlework. Avoid spending time in public places often as possible during the cultural events.

More communicate with friends and acquaintances at the same time, try not to envy anyone, and only think of the positive. Adhering to these tips, you will see how improving your mood, a feeling of confidence in the future.

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