How to Avoid Sleepiness in Transport

On the eve of the summer season, many people are already planning their vacation, during which they will go to have a rest in different countries, for which the type of transport is already chosen in advance.

If some prefer flights by plane, in order to save as much time as possible, others like traveling by bus or train, admiring the changing landscapes.

However, some people during a long trip manifested a disease such as kinetosis, meaning “motion sickness.” Usually this disease affects the elderly, children, as well as people who have a number of diseases associated with a psychological condition or brain damage.

In order to avoid this, it is necessary to take some measures, and one of them is to feel confident and not to panic before the trip, if you already had such a case.

Do not drink alcohol and do not overeat, and it is better to bring clean water, but, by no means sweet fizzy drinks or juices. If you eat on the bus, then try to buy tickets in front of the cabin, because there is less swaying here.

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