How to Avoid Seizures During the Night

Some people are forced to stand for a long time on your feet, for various reasons, sometimes it is related to work, such as salespeople, waiters, conductors and other public transport.

Such persons often complain that in the night they have legs cramp.

The same applies to those who by nature of their activities, almost all their working time are in a sitting position. Until now, scientists could not figure out the exact causes of such pain, which is sometimes observed for several minutes.

They can also be the result of sudden changes of temperature, especially swimming in cold water, so people who have been diagnosed with this, it is prohibited to be in waters alone, especially to swim away from the shore.

As prevention is recommended before going to bed to do foot bath, but the effect will be greater by taking a warm bath with the addition of herbs that have soothing properties. For women, it is desirable to abandon the high-heeled shoes, because, disturbed blood flow, which may also affect the convulsive state feet.

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