How to Avoid Salmonella Contamination?

2809201614Recently, one of the most common diseases is salmonellosis. This disease occurs as a result of entering into our body of bacteria that produce toxins that irritate the stomach lining.

Infected with Salmonella may be eating foods of animal origin such as dairy products, eggs and meat. In order to protect yourself from this disease, you must comply with the rules of cooking. Before, eat eggs, their shells must be thoroughly washed with soap and water, for the convenience of using a toothbrush.

Made dairy products must be subjected to heat treatment, as fresh milk may be salmonella bacillus. As for dairy products, buy at the store, you need to pay attention to the period of production, which is indicated on the packaging.

Fresh meat may also contain salmonella, so when it is preparing to observe the processing technology, carefully prozharivaya or otvarivaya this product.

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