How to Avoid Poisoning During Holidays

New Year is a holiday that leaves no one indifferent. All having fun, children, adults and the elderly, because they each expect miracles in this fabulous night.

Long before people purchase holiday gifts, and hostess are trying to buy delicacies to, prepare from them delicious dishes to please their households and guests.

Usually on a festive table is prepared a lot of different salads, meat and fish dishes, but despite the fact that going to a lot of people eat this amount of food in one night is not possible. On the one hand it is good, because the next day will not have to stand at the stove again, enough to heat the rest of the products, however, the statistics show that it is during the holidays poisonings occur more frequently.

This is explained by the fact that for the preparation of dishes using a variety of sauces, which can be consumed within a few hours after cooking, since then they appear harmful bacteria. The same applies to sausages and slicing of which is a long time in a warm room, not to mention the desserts, such as cake or cookies, because the cream present in these products have a limited shelf life.

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