How to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

08121614Soon will come the holidays, the day before which most people purchase delicacies to enjoy them at the holiday table.

It is in these moments when the dishes are very tasty and varied, people are not able to control the amount of food eaten, resulting in overeating, which negatively affects the work of the stomach and promotes a set of extra kilos.

To avoid this, you must adhere to certain rules, one of which, do not sit at the table on an empty stomach, as well as the advice of nutritionists, a few hours before a meal to eat a small portion of oatmeal or fruit except apples and pineapples, which increase appetite. Taking food, do not rush and carefully chew it, so you will be filled.

Also, observe the rate of alcohol consumed, since his excessive drinking does not allow to control the amount of eaten food. Try to go out more often from the table, in order to dance, or better yet, go out for a walk, especially in the winter entertainment abound. You can go to the city tree, toboggan or just play in the snow.

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