How to Avoid Mistakes When Raising a Child

For parents raise children is the most important stage in life, because of the way we behave with them, it depends largely on the formation of his character.

Naturally during training to avoid mistakes no one can, especially young parents, and only through time, people are beginning to understand in what cases they were wrong.

However, there are a number of errors, which are most frequently encountered and one of them is that sometimes we do not even notice how we teach it cheating. Talking to each other, adults sometimes discuss a variety of situations, not knowing that the baby hears everything. For example, if you called an unwanted caller, you are asked to answer a wife that you are not home.

Very often, in children there is a lack of appetite, and you will at all costs try to feed him, what not to do, and it is better to find out the cause, and in a calm atmosphere to draw conclusions as to the future to solve the problem. In no case can not call the kid, because he heard in his address insulting words from the closest people, it can lose confidence.

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