How to Avoid Hypothermia in the Cold Days

With the onset of cold winter weather, when the temperature drops sharply, to staying on the street to avoid hypothermia, you must observe certain rules.

First, the clothes should fit the weather, at the same time you need to feel comfortable and at the time of the movement should not sweat, because, standing at the bus stop waiting for transport, you can quickly freeze.

As for the shoes, it should be on a thick sole, while women are advised not to wear high-heeled boots, since the circulation of legs, which are in a position significantly deteriorates. In cold days hand must be warm and protected from the wind, so instead of gloves, mittens better use.

Headgear should be selected so that the ears were closed, as this body is often exposed to frostbite. Before you get out of a warm room, it is recommended to drink hot green tea or other beverages to help improve circulation. To avoid respiratory problems, nose breathing is necessary.

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