How to Avoid Harm to Computer Use

0511162Over the past few years in our everyday life firmly entered the computer, as this device more popular not only at work, where it can be used to carry out any operation, but at home.

Even school training program is designed for the ability to use a computer, because nowadays it is practically impossible to find a job without these skills.

For all its positive qualities, long hold monitor at a negative effect on our health. The fact that constantly in a sitting position, clamped blood vessels, thereby worsening brain function, since it receives less oxygen. Therefore, while working at a computer, you must watch your posture, while the back should be flat.

In addition, at the end of each hour to allocate at least 10 minutes to warm-up, during which do rotational movements of the head and a few slopes.

This work adversely affect vision, so in order to save it, it is best to use special protective glasses.

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