How to Avoid Fatigue in the Winter Season

09121616In the winter time we often get tired and it is not surprising, because the daylight hours become much shorter in the street is often cloudy, which adversely affects our state due to insufficient light.

Therefore, indoors, try as much as possible include lighting, notwithstanding the fact that electric power is constantly becoming more expensive.

Not for nothing this time of year, doctors recommend most often to be outdoors, especially during the day in sunny weather. However, one walks to cope with poor health will not succeed, because the body needs more vitamins and nutrients, therefore, is more likely to eat foods that are able to charge us with energy.

One of these are bananas, which are due to the content of fiber, potassium and protein, are able to provide you with the hormone of happiness, which is enough to eat at least one banana a day.

Such as the persimmon fruit, which in addition to the fact that normalizes the blood, improves the kidney function and has a positive effect on the nervous system, thereby providing a deep sleep, the duration of which must be at least eight hours a day.

Pomegranate, in addition to all its positive properties, reduces inflammation in the body and normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

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