How to Avoid Early Wrinkles

For women, the condition of the skin plays an important role at any age, but some of them are starting to take care of her only with the appearance of first wrinkles.

In order to look young, it is worth remembering a few tips.

One of the main is the right skin care, and, for this is not necessarily constantly go to beauty salons, because at home it can be done, not worse, but much cheaper.

First, washing up, do not use ordinary soap because it dries the skin, it will be better if you have it replaced by a special cosmetic milk. At least once a week, be sure to make a mask, selecting it according to your skin type. Try to wipe the face with ice cubes, with the best effect will be if they are prepared from a decoction of medicinal herbs such as chamomile.

Abuse of alcohol and smoking are necessarily reflected in the face of any woman, so if you are observed for such habits, it is better to abandon them once and for all. In order to avoid the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, you need a normal sleep.

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