How to Avoid Belly Bloating

Such an unpleasant feeling as a bloating, probably known to everyone, because I have often had to test it, especially after the holidays, when a lot of different snacks, salads and other dishes are eaten.

It is known that bloating often occurs because of the simultaneous use of products that are not compatible with each other.

Now we will give some examples so that you know which products are not suitable for sharing. These include eggs and potatoes, because the minerals contained in the vegetable do not allow the whole iron to be absorbed in the egg. Despite the fact that meat and legumes contain protein, they should not be eaten together, because the stomach will require additional energy for its processing.

The same goes for meat products and nuts, because the dishes cooked from these foods are high-calorie, which can cause heartburn and heaviness in the stomach. Assimilation in combination of such products as meat and pasta is reduced to zero, but the appearance of bloating is almost guaranteed.

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