How To a Child Grown Confident

2910163Often we meet young people with low or even completely low self-esteem.

But the root of the problem is in early childhood, when as a child he had not received his share of praise. Therefore, to gain confidence of the individual in the future, you need to lay a good self-esteem in the present.

Praise the child should be with the mind: specifically, the emphasis on the fact that he did the right thing, incidentally explaining what exactly is his work. And although he is certainly smart kid by nature, do not forget to tell your child that the results can be seen only through his hard work. The main aspect is the praise in the presence of a third party – grandparents, father, mother. It does not matter, live or via telephone.

The main thing you can do it as sincere.

Sometimes it happens that a child came up with a mug, a kindergarten, school and emotion trying to share your impressions and experiences. But parents, due to its exceptional employment, pay no attention to such emotional outbursts. And in the future obtained closed-child who refuses to share your personal information, preferring to keep everything to himself and in secret.

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