How the Air Condition in a Car Affects Health

Modern cars are equipped with air conditioning and climate control systems to ensure that in any weather, both the driver and passengers feel comfortable.

If in winter, on the street there is frost, these systems help maintain warm air in the car.

Naturally, during the summer heat they are used to cool the air. However, medical professionals recommend that you follow the safety rules when using these devices to minimize harm to your health.

In the operating instructions of the air conditioner, it is recommended to open the windows for at least two minutes before turning it on. This is necessary to ensure that the cabin gets the least amount of such a substance as benzene. As is known, a number of diseases can arise from its effect, since it is toxic.

In addition to the fact that it negatively affects the work of the heart, liver and bone system, it is also capable of provoking the onset of cancer. When the car is parked in the sun, the amount of benzene in the cabin exceeds the permissible standards by forty times.

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