How Sleep Affects Our Health

In most people with age there are problems associated with sleep, as is well known, lack of sleep for a long time, not only leads to fatigue of the whole organism, but also a negative effect on brain function.

Such people become irritable, quick-tempered, often show dissatisfaction that in general a negative impact on life expectancy.

Therefore, you must follow some rules that will help to cope with such a problem as insomnia, without the use of sleeping pills. First, try to make a daily routine and to strictly adhere to the time allotted for sleep naturally at first it will be difficult to make, but the body will get used to over time.

Despite the weather conditions, every evening walks, while not forget to ventilate the room intended for sleeping. Going to bed, turn off all equipment from the network, a TV, computer or even a mobile phone, when it is not necessary to watch the news, but better to read a book or crossword puzzles to solve.

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