How Should I Eat to not Gain Weight in Winter

2611162The stomach is digesting food, lose energy, so fill in calories will help frequent meals.

Remember that heavy and fat rich food slows the recovery of calories.

Drunk every morning cup of clean water contributes to the digestion of food. Half an hour after you drink the water, it is enough to drink a cup of coffee. Only now your stomach is ready to take the food. His breakfast make easy. Scrambled eggs eaten at breakfast or boiled eggs, make up for the energy stored.

Optional Eggs replace two or three pieces of cheese, bread, preferably whole grain consumed. Eat rice or oat porridge. Saturation and taste of porridge will add honey and fruit.

Drunk green or flavored tea helps replenish energy expended. According to the doctor, help to satisfy your hunger snacks.

It is better to eat dinner one dish, but rather divide it into two smaller meals. It is important to remember to save calories in the cold, eat dinner very hot. Compensate calories is enough light lunch – whole wheat or dark bread, light chicken soup or low-fat soup.

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