How Often You Need to Wash Your Hair?

How Often You Need to Wash Your Hair?Today, manufacturers of hair shampoos and gels in their advertising is often recommended to wash my hair almost every day, sometimes several times a day. However, many women are wondering how often you can wash your hair, not to harm the structure of the hair and scalp?

In fact, hair contamination reason is that during the day on the surface of the head through El-Macho Magyarország special glands secrete sebum. This is quite natural, and natural process that helps to protect our hair from drying out. Active work of these glands and the amount of produced sebum depends on various factors and is often the individual for each person.

For this reason, many experts do not give specific recommendations on common hair washing frequency, but strongly not recommended to wash your hair every day.

If you wash your hair every day, it is likely to cause hair more harm than good. The more often you wash your hair, the more sebaceous glands produce fat, and the faster your hair will become dirty. The optimal solution – is a 1 time in 2-3 days.

What Affects The Degree Of Fatness Of Hair

Any self-respecting woman understands that clean hair is a matter of honor and it is unacceptable to appear with stale hair. Therefore, despite the contraindications, you have to wash your head as often as it provides the degree of their fat content.

However, some celebrities say that they do not consider it necessary to hydrotest their hair daily. For example, the modern show diva Kim Kardashian has repeatedly said publicly that she needs only two washes per week for a sense of comfort. This amount of her hair is enough, and she does not worry about the fact that her hair can have a careless appearance. But not everyone can have such strong stamina and confidence in their own superiority in spite of everything, so for many women, frequent washing is a real dilemma that can not be solved, because it is unacceptable to afford to appear somewhere with fatty hair, and daily washing – the collapse of health to hair.

A well-known expert in dermatology Mirmirani Parady thinks that El-Macho Česká republika the tendency to frequent washing of hair occurs during puberty. At this time, the young man is experiencing a riot of hormones, so the sebaceous glands work in an accelerated mode. And if a teenager starts to fight fatty hair by daily washing, he accustoms his body to the frequent periodicity of this procedure and then it is extremely difficult to change it, and return it to the usual rhythm. But it is necessary to find a way to get rid of the daily ritual and to guess the moment in order to sustain a pause and reconfigure the work of the sebaceous glands to a slower process. After all, the paradox is what – frequent washing provokes an early pollution.

Determine the most suitable frequency of washing the head can be using the following indicators:

Type of skin. If the dermis of the body is related to a normal subtype, then the optimal frequency is 1-2 times in seven days. With oily skin, you need to wash your head no more than three times a week.

The state of the structure of the hairline. Thin hair forces to wash a head more often, and Maxisizer Deutschland Creme at presence of rigid hair only one washing in a week is enough.

Reconciliation of beauty devices affect negatively the structure of the hair. If you can not do without the daily use of plates, ironing and curlers, keep in mind that you need to wash your head as little as possible.


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