How Occupations Are Reflected On Health

Virtually every profession has different effects on our health.

As experts note, most often with problems of the nervous system, teachers, preschool tutors, and people who deal with medium and small businesses are facing.

Many dream of such prestigious professions as a pilot and stewardess, and this is not an accident, because they have the opportunity to travel to many countries.

However, it is noted that it is these people, as a result of the air conditioning system in the cabin airplane skin is dried and quickly aging. The most harmful for health are those professions that are associated with work at night, because people are disturbed by normal sleep, resulting in a failure of the heart system.

In addition to the fact that they eat at night, they often suffer from excess weight, who are also exposed to persons working as cooks and confectioners. Problems with the spine are more common in dentists, surgeons, as well as people who are working at a computer or a sewing machine.

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