How Nutrition Affects on Life Expectancy

There is hardly a single person who would not want to live happily, and as long as possible, but to achieve this, it is necessary from a young age to monitor your health.

First, we should pay attention to, active lifestyle, constantly working out, as well, not the least role in this is food.

About how it should be, that from used products was only good, we will try to tell you in this article. According to scientists, including the diet, food that is low in calories, as well as every day to do a little exercise, contribute to the prolongation of life. Make such a conclusion they could once conducted a series of experiments.

It was found that those who ate a low-calorie foods, thus, never overeat, they looked much younger and did not complain of any health problems. Whereas, by their peers, breaking all the rules, very often suffered from all sorts of diseases, with the result that they often had to seek medical help.

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