How Not to Give up Exercise?

31101627Often, even with a strong desire to engage in sport and improve their figure, women face the problem of lack of motivation and the desire for a variety of reasons to stop exercising.

To exercise became regular and effective use possible way of comparing yourself with someone more slender, whether friend or girlfriend of fitness. Providing tangible in the red in the comparison, the woman begins to feel a sense of rivalry, which helps to achieve the desired goal.

Aggressive attitude, a small amount of envy and the desire to compete are useful qualities, which help not to go the distance with sports and significantly improve the effectiveness of training. Psychologists point out that most effectively is the rivalry between the two women, together spending time in the gym.

It is also important the fact that engaging in a group, we strive to meet the overall level of the group, trying to pull his result to the result of training leaders, so a sense of healthy competition will contribute to this goal.

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