How Not to Gain Excess Kilograms on Sedentary Work

Most people gain weight in winter, and it is not surprising, because at this time of the year when daylight becomes shorter, most of the time they spend at work or at home, less than spending time outdoors.

This is especially true of women, who are beginning to think just before the start of the bathing season, taking drastic measures to lose weight quickly.

However, many nutritionists say that rapid weight loss results of a negative impact on the general state of health, as the body is exposed to stress, therefore, throughout the year, you need to watch your weight. The hardest thing succeed to those persons whose work is connected with the computer, with the result that they have to sit for long periods at the workplace.

In such cases, in addition to warm-up to be carried out every 50 minutes of work, it is recommended to make your diet, in which more include protein foods, as well as fruits and vegetables. At the same time, to exclude any kind of pastries, sweet and semi-sparkling water, which prefer instead of dinner, many office workers.

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