How Not to Damage Health During Lent

Many religious people observe fasting for religious reasons, while some people try to stick to it solely for weight loss, since they believe that this is the best method to get rid of excess weight.

However, according to nutritionists, this is an erroneous opinion, because, each person has his own individual organism, and in addition to the fact that during the fast some people gain weight, many of them have an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

All this is due to the fact that there is a sharp change in diet, and as a result of the rejection of meat and dairy products, the body does not receive such significant trace elements as iron, protein, and vitamins. To avoid the deficit of these nutrients, it is necessary to introduce into the diet vegetable food, in which they are included.

For example, a protein can be obtained from legumes and nuts. Very good fit fresh vegetables, a salad of which is best to fill with lemon juice. If you have decided to fast for the first time, then do not sharply limit yourself to products, but rather gradually to abandon their use.

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