How Not Getting the Flu

To prevent flu, you need to follow some rules. One of the main is the constant improvement of immunity, because only he is able to fight the virus, which in our time is becoming more and more.

In order to strengthen it, you need a balanced diet, while the use of those products which are rich in protein, vitamins and other beneficial substances that can increase the body’s defensive response.

Daily use of cloves of garlic reduces the risk of flu by 70%. However, not so much the flu itself is dangerous, as the complications that often occur after him. Some people who recover from the flu, people think that they have a immunity, which does not allow them to get sick again, but in this they are mistaken, because the strains are different from each other.

In order to once again not to get the flu, each time coming from the street, wash your hands thoroughly using detergents. As often as possible ventilate the premises and spend them in wet cleaning, which not only kills germs, but also moisturizes the air.

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