How Much Should Last Healthy Sleep

It is well known that the general condition of the body has a very important quality of sleep.

Japanese scientists after they conducted a series of studies were able to prove that each person is different, so the sleep duration can range from six to ten hours.

At the same time, young people up to 30 years, it is advisable to sleep at least eight hours, but it would be better if it will last for 10 hours.

They also found out that too long sleep may indicate a variety of diseases, as a result of which a person constantly wants to sleep.

In order to normalize it, you must often go for a walk, because the fresh air enrich the blood with oxygen, which has a positive effect on brain function.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity over the weekend to go out of town with family or friends, where you can spend your time not only fun, but also with health benefits. In the summer of this campaign can be organized on the bikes, and in winter, of course skiing.

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