How Much Should be Days Off in a Week

Friday night, which means that the end of the week and ahead of two days, which are provided for recreation.

However, people have different spend this time, someone really happy with yourself proper rest, sleep for 10 hours or more a day is not detached from the TV or computer monitor screen, and some prefer to get out of the city to commune with nature and nasyt your the body with oxygen.

But, despite the fact that on Saturday and Sunday people relax and forget about work for a while, many start-time is not quite a good mood, are irritable and complain of fatigue. What is the reason? The answer to this question was given by US researchers, who conducted an experiment among people engaged in the work.

It turned out that five working days a week, when in the morning have to get up early, constantly in tension, experience stressful situations, the body is so tired that the two days is not enough to fully recuperate. In their opinion, it follows that, in order to be awake, alert and focused, you need to rest as much as the man was busy at work, I mean 5 days.

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