How Much Sex is Necessary for Us to be Happy?

171116245How often should you have sex to feel happy?

This question is asked by many of us and try to answer it. In fact, sexologists quite skeptical about the subject of cycling on the periodicity of sexual contacts.

Many experts point out that in order to maintain functional health enough to engage in sex 2-3 times a week. However, here it is all quite individual. If there is a desire and opportunity for both partners to have sex more often, even several times a day – it does not harm their health.

Pretty interesting theory in this topic recently presented and scientists. In their opinion, the ideal model of the world people dream to have sex about three times more often than work. If we consider that the time to work in the ideal model of the world is only 36 minutes a day, it can be easy to assume that the daily rate of sex in the ideal model – is 106 minutes for 24 hours.

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