How Many Words a Child of Three Knows?

10111621Most parents do not think about how much information is stored in the head of a small child.

However, experts recommend to be given to this point is a very important consideration to ensure proper and effective intellectual development of the child. Of course, every child develops individually. Nevertheless, many experts say that the average level of intelligence between the ages of 1 to 5 years should be about the same.

For example, say experts, speech therapists, in the normal development of the child is 3 years must already have a vocabulary of about 1000 words.

First of all, it depends not only on the child, but also parents. The more you communicate with your child and the more words are laying in his brain, the more information is stored in its memory.

You must understand that child’s brain is like a sponge – it actively absorbs any information received from the outside. With the right approach in bringing up baby, you can not only make significant progress in its development, but also to maintain its level of IQ at the highest level.

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