How Long to Feed a Baby with Breast Milk

American scientists, having conducted the study, determined that breastfeeding of babies is more useful than artificial.

The fact is that children who ate their mother’s milk before 3 years of age were significantly less likely to suffer from various diseases, including infectious diseases.

In addition, such children began to speak earlier, it is better to think logically than their peers, who were fed artificially.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the above, there were no special differences. There are cases when a child fed by mixtures has strong health and excellent intellectual abilities, so if there are milk problems with your mother, you should not worry, because, in our day, there is a baby food, using which the baby gets everything Necessary substances.

Moreover, experts do not recommend a long time to feed the baby with breast milk, because there is not much benefit from it, but weaning the baby from the breast, the further it is, the harder it is.

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