How Long Have You Changed Your Pillow?

161116625Most of us are accustomed to constantly sleeping on his favorite pillow. Some people are so accustomed to it that they use the pillow for a few years.

However, this habit can be very dangerous.

Researchers from the Sleep to Live (USA) conducted special experiments to study the effect of pillows on the quality of our health. As it turned out, that the bag does not have any harmful effects on the body, it must be made of natural materials. But most importantly, that the use of a pillow for longer than 6 months, harm to your health.

According to experts, long-term use in a pillow accumulates a large amount of dust and dirt, which contains harmful microorganisms. In addition, often appear in the cushions mites and other bacteria which can provoke the development of many unpleasant diseases and allergic reactions.

To avoid these consequences, it is necessary every 6 months to buy new pillows.

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