How Long Can You Use Hygiene Products

In order to always look clean and tidy, we use various hygienic items, without thinking that they should be periodically changed.

Experts recommend that this be done so that they do not accumulate a large number of microbes, bacteria and other substances that cause not only allergies, but also other diseases.

Such a subject, for example, is a hairbrush that has to be used several times a day, therefore, it is necessary to wash it as often as possible, releasing it from hair and various substances, and also to change it at least once every 6 months. As for the toothbrush, its replacement should be carried out every three months, because it is able to accumulate various microbes, especially after the transferred diseases.

Nowadays dermatologists do not recommend using washcloths, because they are a store of bacteria that multiply in a damp, warm environment. However, if you are accustomed to using a washcloth, then after taking a shower, wash it thoroughly and dry it, and also, water it with boiling water. Do not forget to throw it away, every two months of use.

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