How Harmful Fat Dairy Products

In order to maintain your weight is normal, many people refuse to fat, because for many years, most nutritionists say that animal fats, contaminating the blood vessels that adversely affect the functioning of the heart, and contribute to obesity.

However, Chinese scientists were able to prove that not all fats adversely affect our health, especially for dairy products.

The fact that manufacturers degreased milk, make butter, yogurt and other foods which implement at a relatively high price. After removing the fat from milk, it adds a large amount of starch and other components capable to prolong the shelf life.

Having come into the store people who choose low-fat dairy products, in the hope that it is useful, deeply mistaken, because it is harmful from it will be much more than from natural milk, which is stored no more than 5 days. Therefore, do not give up foods that require your body, especially in winter, when it is necessary to respect the rules of their use.

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