How Harmful are There in the Nights?

At night you can not eat, everyone knows about it, but does everyone use this rule?

As sociological surveys show, 80% of women allow themselves to eat at night from time to time.

And only those who strictly follow the figure or diet on medical grounds can not violate this rule. And if you ponder this question from the physiological point of view, you can find two reasons for the night hunger.

First, it is a real hunger, when you did not eat, for example, all day and your body simply requires replenishing energy reserves. In this case, you can not just eat, but you need to. Otherwise there will be a fainting condition, which nobody needs.

The second reason is if it is not a physiological hunger, but a psychological one. In critical situations, people can eat much more than usual. Especially hunger wakes up at night when you have a depressive condition or Some unresolved problem. In such cases, it’s very hard to deny yourself a cake at two in the morning, because the head is stuffed completely different. And you need to take yourself in hand and not allow your brain to destroy your figure.

It is women who are more likely to experience fasting at night, because after the consumption of sweet or something else, a hormone of joy is produced in the female body. But it is very short-lived and false in its manifestations.

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