How Difficult is the Dinner After 18.00

Everyone knows that eating at a later time, especially at bedtime, negatively affects not only the general state of health, but also provokes the appearance of extra pounds.

However, German scientists, after conducting a series of experiments, proved that such a common opinion is too exaggerated.

Naturally, the consumption of fatty, fried or smoked food is not harmful, only in the evening, but throughout the day. As for dinner, it is not recommended to refuse from it, the only thing that should be adhered to is that the menu consisted of easily digestible products, which include vegetables, fish and dairy products.

The experiment involved children aged 5 to 18 years who consumed food after 18.00, and food was varied, including high-calorie food. It turned out that late food did not affect the appearance of extra pounds in children.

In order to avoid obesity, it is necessary not to overeat and move as much as possible, especially to those people who work at the computer, which will not allow obesity to appear.

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