How Dehydration Effects on Health

09121615Human life, of course, is very versatile, and each of us wants to live it as long as possible.

To be sick and less feel in great shape, you need to stick to the basic rules of life.

Scientific evidence shows that without food a person can survive for a long time, while no water, no more than 3 days, especially in hot weather. Therefore, you should make it a rule, daily use of at least two liters of drinking water, not counting other liquid.

The fact that its amount is not sufficient in the body indicate some factors, such as joint pain, dry mouth, skin peeling, causing premature wrinkles appear as well, there is increased fatigue.

Water helps to cleanse the intestines and has a positive effect on food processing, thus deriving from it accumulated harmful substances.

It should be remembered that the soda, especially the sweet varieties, does not give a positive effect, but on the contrary, only increases the feeling of thirst. The same can be said about the coffee, as drinking it, you get a charge of vivacity for a short time.

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