How Correctly Arrange Fasting Day

All of the fair sex want to look beautiful, slim, that allows you to feel more confident.

But to achieve such results, we have to constantly keep an eye on them, using different masks for skin improvement, applying makeup, well, in order to shape was perfect, you need to stick to a healthy diet.

Often holidays knock us out of continuous operation, which could result in extra weight, but if this weight is insignificant, to restore it, to arrange a fasting day is enough.

At the same time it should be noted that the hunger strike, even if it lasts a day, expose the body stress, so you need to pre-treatment. It is not necessary during the unloading of the day to load themselves hard work, and it does not matter, it is physical or mental.

It is not recommended to arrange unloading in the diet on the day after the holiday, because, surely you can not resist the abundance of a variety of dishes, with the result that overeaten, and a sharp transition in the diet can affect health is fraught. The same applies to the release of their hunger strike, after which one should not abuse the food. Suffice it to a small portion of the product, which was used during the unloading of the day.

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