How Coffee Affects the Condition of the Body

Nowadays, you rarely meet someone who does not drink a drink, coffee.

Most people start their day with a cup of flavored drink, preferring to drink it instead of breakfast, believing that it is enough to cheer up. However, to do so in any case it is impossible, but in order to bring the body after sleep in a normal state, enough clean cup of water and a small workout.

Coffee is better to drink half an hour after lunch.

This drink, consumed in moderation, and the average daily dose should not exceed three cups, it has a positive effect on the brain, eyes and other organs. In addition, it was found ability to resist the occurrence of cirrhosis of the liver, and people with high acidity, the coffee helps to improve the digestive system.

In this case it is better to prepare yourself of grain, as in instant varieties, the contents of a small organic coffee. As for lovers of coffee with milk and sugar, it is worth remembering that this drink has a negative impact on the tooth enamel.

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