How Better to Get Rid of a Bruise

As much as we tried not to look after children, especially while walking without injuries and bruises do not.

The appearance of a bruise in a prominent place spoils the appearance, and that’s not counting the pain that occur during injury.

In order to as soon as it is recommended to get rid of it can be to make this place something cold, the ideal would be a bag of ice.

Of course, being on the street, you do not appear at your fingertips, so use any coin, preferably copper. This procedure is necessary to narrow down the first time the inner vessels and reduce bruising. It should be remembered that such measures are only the first day can be used, because in the future you will need a warm compress, whereby the bruise disappear faster.

During this period, it is not necessary to use vasodilators, as they may adversely affect the healing process. In those cases, if there are bruises on the body for no apparent reason, you should consult a doctor because it may signal serious diseases.

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