How Best to Store Eggs

In recent years, scientists have argued that one of the useful products that can be quickly incorporated into your diet are eggs.

It is not surprising, because they are rich in calcium, protein and other substances capable of not only improve metabolism, but also give strength and energy, as well as improve the blood condition.

It is also important that for cooking various dishes of them, there is no need to spend a lot of time.

The only problem is that there are cases of infection with Salmonella bacteria, which, once in the human body, can trigger the appearance of vomiting, stomach pains, and more serious symptoms. All people have different store eggs. If some people prefer to put them in the fridge, thinking that there are fewer viruses spread, while others choose a cool dark place.

In principle, both methods of storage are acceptable, the only thing that should be remembered that sometimes germs get inside the egg, so in any case not to use them in the raw form. When exposed to high temperatures harmful microbes are killed, so the egg can be eaten without fear.

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