How Affects the Organism Insufficient Oxygen Quantity

People who are busy with office work, in the spring, very often there is a state of increased fatigue, apathy and drowsiness.

Many experts are sure that this is often due to insufficient oxygen.

Being in a closed room, when warm days are not yet on the street, employees rarely air it, being afraid of drafts and saving heat.

The lack of fresh air negatively affects the overall well-being, which primarily affects the appearance of headaches, an unwillingness to work and a worsening mood. Therefore, despite the weather conditions, try to constantly ventilate the room, and on weekends and at any free time, try to be as much as possible in the fresh air.

For this, it is not necessary to arrange long-distance hikes, but rather to walk along the park zone for an hour. Constant oxygen deficiency can adversely affect normal sleep, on which the full functioning of the whole organism depends, including the psychological state.

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