Hot Bath Lowers Sugar Level and Burns Calories

It has long been proven that a person can lose calories during sleep, while observing certain rules, one of which is not to pass before bed.

As a result of research conducted by English scientists, it was possible to find out that hot baths also contribute to burning calories, which can be used by people who for some reason can not play sports.

In addition, it was found that hot baths can significantly reduce the sugar content in the blood. During the experiment, the volunteers were divided into two groups, one of which was daily exercised every day, while the second group took hot baths. As a result, the results of the analyzes showed that in the 2nd group, the sugar level was 10% lower than in the people from the 1st group.

All this happens as a result of the fact that during the stay in hot water, there is the same allocation of sweat, as in sports. As you know, excess weight and sugar level significantly affects the overall well-being and contributes to the development of one of the most common diseases in recent times, this is type 2 diabetes.

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