Honey Wrap, How it is Carried Out

27101624One of the best recipes to combat cellulite is – honey wrap with pepper.

For breaching the procedure is necessary to have free time, because it takes a couple of hours time.

A certain amount of time is needed for the manufacture of the composition, its superimposition and flushing. Almost all the masks for weight loss should be kept on the body about half an hour.

This procedure is carried out should be at least two times a week to about a month to see the results in the form of smooth skin, reduce the amount of weight loss.

The composition itself, typically applied to the inside of the legs close to their base, also the stomach, unless contraindicated by gynecology, for the gluteal zone arms, their inner portion closer to the shoulder.

If you carry out the procedure at home, you will need over the composition of the wound plastic wrap, then top with a cloth to hide. And after all made to keep this mask for about thirty minutes while lying on the couch or in any other convenient location.

In the event that at the place where you are dealt up, is burning it should be washed off ahead of time. To wash off the mask need only be rinsed with warm water, and then apply the cream from cellulite on problem areas.

If you run this procedure on the stomach or thighs, it is recommended the first fifteen minutes after applying to do active exercises such as running or dancing. And then you need to lie down for a quarter of an hour.

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