Here they Are Saviors of Wrinkles!

According to research by specialists of the source of skin aging, and hence the appearance of wrinkles, it is… sugar!

The substances needed by the body such as proteins, lose their effectiveness in excess of the daily requirement of glucose uptake.

But does that mean you have to stop eating sweets?! No, of course there is output. Sugar is quite possible to replace fruit. You can eat with a clear conscience favorite fruit, however, among them leaders on the content of the necessary components for the skin! For example a tropical handsome avocado. Using it you care about health and pamper yourself a rarity, which also contains enzymes needed by the body, which is very beneficial effect on skin condition.

Also, the diet should include marine fish. Fish – a great addition to your table. In addition to the taste of fat in fish there, and the elements necessary not only skin, but also throughout our body. If in the daily list of add regular use unrefined oils and fresh vegetables, you can be sure that you are on the right way to get rid of wrinkles.

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