Healthy Breakfast: What Foods Should be Avoided?

Proper breakfast is especially important for human health.

In order to maintain good health throughout the day and reduce the risk of many diseases, you need a responsible approach to the choice for the morning meal products.

Consider the restrictions for the first day of the meal.

First of all, the use of citrus fasting undesirable. They not only are potent allergens, but also may contribute to gastritis. With all the benefits of fresh juice from oranges or lemons, drink it on an empty stomach can not. Only after quite a hearty breakfast, like oatmeal.

Excessive consumption of bananas is also not helpful. In particular, it is because this can trigger an imbalance of calcium and magnesium in the body, and it is also very good. A separate issue – it’s fresh vegetables. They are also not recommended for use in the morning, as the acid itself contain that irritate the gastric mucosa. Tomatoes, in addition, may favor the occurrence of gastric stones. This contributes to a large content of tannic acid and pectin.

And of course, it is not recommended to start the day with fried, spicy or salty foods, convenience foods. Breakfast in the form of chips with sweet carbonated water will break out in record time the digestive system, and it will soon lead to the disease.

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