Harmful Lee Tanning

Some women want to be attractive and always beautiful, but if you can apply make-up in the home at any time, you get a natural tan is possible only in summer.

However, thanks to modern technology, you can achieve the desired result by visiting the solarium, the benefits and dangers of which, there are constant disputes.

While some cosmetologists say that visiting the solarium people who not only make your body beautiful, but also to get a positive energy boost, which affects self-confidence. In addition, the person receives a certain amount of vitamin D, which we are lacking, especially in winter, when the nights are much longer than the day, and on the street is often observed cloudy.

Other experts do not recommend frequent visits to the solarium, as they believe that the ultraviolet rays can cause allergies, and in some cases, cancer and skin diseases.

Therefore, you decide whether it is worth risking health for the sake of sunburn, or wait for the summer, where you can get on the beach, whose waters are also healing, especially those people who are experiencing problems with joints.

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