Harmful Lee Honey for Diabetics

30111617Nowadays, one of the problems is to buy natural products, because most manufacturers use various additives for flavor and to increase shelf life.

This is especially true of confectionery products, with the exception of dark chocolate, but sometimes you want something sweet, and it is best suited for this natural honey.

This product contains a lot of vitamins, as well as magnesium, iron and other nutrients. It is used to treat various diseases and used in the preparation of not only medicines but also cosmetics.

People who have an increased blood sugar, ask this question if they consume this product as possible. Scientists have proved that in the early stages of the disease is allowed to eat honey, but not more than 2 teaspoons throughout the day. It should be remembered that the best time of his use of the morning. Buy better honey from private beekeepers that offer a natural product, because the stores it is often with the addition of sugar.

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