Harmful Food is Good for Weight Loss

Newsflash for all – sweets in the morning helps to lose weight.

That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from Tel Aviv. They conducted the study among people who do not suffer for diabetes. For this was matched 200 obese men and women who for the past eight months, observe two different diets.

Both diets were based on the use of a small amount of calories: a day men received 1600, and the women – 1400 kcal.

But the first diet involves eating for breakfast some sweets (eg, cake or cake), and the second – breakfast healthy food with the same amount of calories.

After four months of the study, both groups had lost an average of 16 kilograms of weight. A little difference observed between the groups. In recent months, study the situation changed dramatically. In the group of “healthy” food has dropped dramatically reduce weight, and in the “goodies” people continued to lose weight.

And according to the participants, “sweet tooth” was much easier and more interesting to lose weight on this diet. They ate the usual food and almost no experienced stress on the body.

Thus, it can be concluded from this that, in order to lose weight not necessarily have to torture yourself and give up your favorite cake. You just need to eat a day not more than a predetermined amount of calories.

Lose weight with pleasure!

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