Harmful and Useful Properties of Beer

For many years there is an opinion that alcoholic beverages, such as wine and beer, used in moderate quantities, do not cause harm to health, and, in some cases, even are useful.

In fact, it is noted that those people who use no more than one glass of wine made from natural products differ not only in good health condition, but also in longevity.

By the way, the peoples of those countries where traditionally wine is a national drink, have a high life expectancy, for example, the Spaniards. As for beer, this drink has in its composition useful substances, because it is made from malt, which refers to natural products.

However, in both cases it is necessary to adhere to the norm, because often there is beer alcoholism, leading to such diseases as cirrhosis, heart attack and stroke. Myths that beer contains a large number of calories, because of which a person gaining excess weight, is not true. The thing is that usually beer is drunk much more than normal, while they eat different sausages, crackers.

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